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  Novik Gloves is quickly becoming one of the hottest new companies around and we are looking for additions to our support program. We are looking for riders that are progressive athletes that are serious about sponsorship, but also carry that same vision as we do...To have fun doing what we love!   What that means is we are looking for athletes that are forward thinking and always looking for opportunities to spread the word about NOVIK GLOVES and the rest of their sponsors.


Click the RED link below and apply for sponsorship through Hookit.com:


  At Novik, we appreciate riders going through Hookit.com for AMATEUR SPONSORSHIP.  We receive thousands of rider resumes in a season and Hookit.com helps us to keep riders informed with latest news and updates on the company, as well as up to date on rider results.  Sorry about any inconveniences


Contact Rider Support/Marketing Manager:

Bryan Oliphant

(email) bryano@novikgloves.com  |  (phone) 970-389-9871

     At Novik, we do our very best to stand behind our pro team riders.  There are different levels of support for pro riders, but we really pride ourselves in giving support to riders that truly need the support.  Don't be afraid to hit up Bryan Oliphant at the email and phone number above this with any questions about how to get on the Novik Team!

PO BOX 24822 Silverthorne, CO 80497 United States (970)389-9871

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