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'WHEELIES SAVE LIVES" - (New School vs. Old School)

    Ahh the "wheelie"... For as long as man started riding stuff, its been a challenge to impress his or her peers by getting the front end up on whatever they are sitting on and hold it there as long as possible. Wheelies are the ultimate display of control and balance and as a result have consistently blown some minds through the years and actually changed history as we know it...  

     For some young families, "the wheelie" was the missing aphrodisiac that sparked interest in a certain person of the opposite sex. After that initial impression one thing lead to another and in a round about way, this simple motorcycle maneuver has changed history and perhaps yourself or someone you know are here as a result?  With that said, it's safe to say, WHEELIES SAVE LIVES

    But for the next couple minutes... check these video's out.   It's kind of a "New School vs. Old School" thing, and honestly hard to say which one is more impressive?!   The people shown in these video's are pretty unquestionably, the best in the business for their era.  Check it~



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