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  Everybody involved in any sport, has certain athletes that they look up to for some reason or another.  Some athletes have a unique ability to relate to their audience that stands above the average, and as a result gains a lot of fans in the process and marketability.     

  Generally speaking, it's hard to say what makes people attracted to a certain athlete, but it's called "charisma".  Simply put, some guys have it, and some do not.  Legends in motocross such as Jeremy McGrath, Doug Henry, Trey Canard, and Travis Pastrana just to name a few were not only talented on a motorcycle, but bubbling over with charisma.  They were always approachable, and left a person with a feeling that they couldn't wait to support their new favorite racer on the track.  


    In this post, we want to direct you towards a rider that is quickly on the rise and hopes to be a contender in the 2013 Summer X-games "Best Whip".  He's is Enid, Oklahoma native BRETT CUE, and a nasty whip as well as charisma are on top of the list as far as personal traits.  Brett has the attitude to just have fun above everything and it translates into his riding.  Posts have been popping up all over the internet of this relatively unknown rider that packs an amazing whip that can compete with the best in the sport.  On top of that, is one of the nicest, most polite persons you will ever encounter.

   Brett has a pretty interesting background story as well.  As a racer, Brett got a rather late start in motocross at 11 years old, but quickly moved through the ranks.  He stopped along the way at the Loretta Lynn Ranch 4 times, and eventually got his pro license and decided to race a couple outdoor nationals.  However,  he has sustained a rather major crash at Kenny Bartram's house in 2009, resulting in a broken back and pelvis.  Soon after recovering from this injury, he had another work related injury when he fell through a roof.  From this impact, he sustained a major head injury and had double vision for over a year and kept him off the bike for a bit.  

   Well Brett came back from all this misfortune, and started riding again with the attitude to just to go out and have fun.  He still races some local Arenacross events and local races, but his focus now is surrounding himself with good people to have a good time doing what he loves.  His regular riding buddies that include Oklahoma natives Jimmy Albertson, Justin Bogle, Derek Cook,Guy Cooper, Phil Smage,Robbie Renard,Kenny Bartram, and even the legendary Ronnie Mac to name a few.  

    As another interesting side note, BQ was Trey Canards practice mechanic for the first year of his SX career, and 1st outdoor national season which needless to say was a big success for Trey.  They continue to be close buddies, and regular riding partners whenever possible.  

  To follow Brett here is a few links to BQ's social media:  

Facebook Link:   http://www.facebook.com/bq365?fref=ts

Twitter Link:        https://twitter.com/bq365

Instagram:          "bq365"


BQ365 Road to XGAMES Best Whip Episode 1 from Whiskey Throttle on Vimeo.

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