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'WHEELIES SAVE LIVES" - (New School vs. Old School)

    Ahh the "wheelie"... For as long as man started riding stuff, its been a challenge to impress his or her peers by getting the front end up on whatever they are sitting on and hold it there as long as possible. Wheelies are the ultimate display of control and balance and as a result have consistently blown some minds through the years and actually changed history as we know it...        For some young families, "the wheelie" was the missing aphrodisiac that sparked interest in a certain person of the opposite sex. After that initial impression one..  - Read More

"Road to X-Games" Episode #3 with Brett Cue

 Follow along the epic journey as Brett Cue, Josh Gray (of Shades of Gray Custom Helmets) and videographer Dayton Daft travel around the west in hopes of making the 2013 X-Games.    As most people know, it is quite difficult to actually get the call to compete at X-Games without being a "big name" in the sport.  Brett Cue has up until recently been a talented Oklahoma regional racer with an extra-ordinary ability to throw gnarly whips.  Don't take that the wrong way, Brett is really fast on the moto track as well and had his time as an AMA..  - Read More


    We are excited to continue to support the RMXA here in our home state of Colorado! Looking forward to a great season and more great racing as the organization continues to grow!  Any questions, you can post below on the "COMMENTS" section and we will get back to you as soon as we see the comment.       See you at the races!  - Read More


  Everybody involved in any sport, has certain athletes that they look up to for some reason or another.  Some athletes have a unique ability to relate to their audience that stands above the average, and as a result gains a lot of fans in the process and marketability.        Generally speaking, it's hard to say what makes people attracted to a certain athlete, but it's called "charisma".  Simply put, some guys have it, and some do not.  Legends in motocross such as Jeremy McGrath, Doug Henry, Trey Canard, and Travis Pastrana just to name a few were not only talented..  - Read More

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