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I am a professional BMX athlete living in Greenville, NC. I represent Eastern Bikes, 
Vans Shoes, Bern Helmets, Novik Gloves and Armoudillo belts.

Originally from Cape Cod Massachusetts , I developed my passion for riding at the
local skateparks, dirt jumps, and street spots. I made a name for myself by placing 
top 10 in a web video contest in 2007 put on by Haro Bikes. Later that year, I made 
my first Dew Tour competition in Salt Lake City where I was the first rider to ever do
a bunnyhop double tailwhip off a wallride at a con
test. I made the move to 
Greenville, NC aka "Pro Town USA" in 2008. In 2009 I won the Jomo Pro contest as 
well as best trick with the first 360 barspin-barspin- tailwhip, made my first X-Games
invite appearance, rode my first international contest, and placed 7th at Dave Mirra`s 
personal invitational contest at his warehouse.

In April of 2010 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. (See video 1) This was the most 
major set back of injury I have ever had but it was successfully removed. In my return 
to riding in June 2010 I was back into filming, traveling and riding in demos. I placed 
top 10 in my first contest back at Nass in Somerset, UK in July. I was then offered a 
wildcard to the final two stops of Dew Tour, and at the Las Vegas stop I made my first 
final. (See Interview) Since then I have had the most fun I can with BMX, rode contests, 
filmed heaps of videos, taken photos for magazines, and have also been fortunate 
enough to travel the world promoting what I love to do most!

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